Top Hat offers 2 levels of delivery service to accommodate your individual event needs.  Please make your selection when ordering, as  Drivers are not authorized to change contract terms or delivery arrangements. As always, the customer is responsible for the security of all rentals items and protecting them from the effects of weather or other sources of damage.  Delivery Charges vary and are based on driving time and distance.  Please ask your rental consultant for specific delivery pricing for your individual order.



This is a “tailgate” delivery, made to your driveway or garage, or at the point the truck can safely park.  Equipment will be unloaded and stacked, ready for your distribution.  Items must be re-stacked and ready at the same location on pickup. 

For more information about these services,  Email:

Text Box: Basic Delivery Service

This service includes transporting rental items from the truck to your set-up location, but does not include set-up of rental items.  Pricing is based on carrying distance and labor time.  Please ask us to quote this service at the time of your order

Text Box: “Top Hat” Delivery Service